Edition 2021

  4-5 February 2021
Presented via videoconference on the Fourwaves platform

Thursday, February 4th:

The MITACS Toolkit for Career Preparation

Come find out how MITACS can help guide your career!

Presented by Simon Bosquet PhD (MITACS Sherbrooke) & Jérôme Cabana, PhD (MITACS Sherbrooke)

Panel of Experts in Careers and Training in Health Sciences

Come and discover the employment possibilities after your graduate studies!

Presented by:

– Charlotte Bastin, BSc, Santé Cannabis

– Étienne Lemieux, PhD, Spi Bio

– Maxime Tremblay, PhD, Santé Canada

– Dimitri Ryczko, PhD, University of Sherbrooke

– Guilhem Dugast, MSc, Domain Therapeutics

This will be followed by a round table where you will have the chance to ask your questions to professionals from various fields!

FMSS Alumni: Integration of students at the FMSS

Presented by le Regroupement des Étudiants en Médecine de l’Université de Sherbrooke (RECMUS)

Friday, February 5th :

Quests speakers :

Conférence Cancérologie - Pr Hugues de Thé


Hugues de Thé

Professor of cellular and molecular oncology & doctor

Collège de France &  St-Louis Hospital





Hugues de Thé is professor of cellular and molecular oncology at the Collège de France and a doctor at St-Louis Hospital in Paris. His research focuses on the involvement of the PML-RARA genetic rearrangement in acute promyelocytic leukemia. His pioneering work has enabled the development of new therapies specific to these types of leukemia and has greatly advanced the state of knowledge of several fundamental biological concepts. Over the years, Pr de Thé has published more than 250 manuscripts in some of the most prestigious journals in the world. He has also received several prodigious distinctions such as:

– Sjöberg Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 2018

– Ernest Beutler Prize from the American Hematological Society in 2016

– Carreras Prize from the European Society of Hematology in 2014

– The Legion of Honor of France in 2010 – Member of the Académie des Sciences since 2011.

Conférence Pharmacologie - Pr Sylvain Chemtob


Sylvain Chemtob

Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Ophtamology and Pharmacology

University of Montreal




Sylvain Chemtob is professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Ophthalmology and Pharmacology at the University of Montreal. As a neonatologist, his research interests are focused on the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying the morbidities associated with premature births. His research has contributed to the advancement of knowledge in the field as well as to the development of new pharmacological treatments. He has published over 250 manuscripts in renowned journals. He has also won many prestigious awards including:

– Acfas Léo-Pariseau Prize in 2019

– Michel Sarrazin Prize in 2019, awarded by the Club de Recherches Cliniques du Québec

– Award of Excellence in Pediatric Research from the Directors of Pediatrics of Canada in 2013

– Pediatric Career Researcher Award from the Foundations of Stars in 2012.


Organizing committee 2021

Phare Day 2021 was organized by a group of graduate students and an associate professor from several departments of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Sherbrooke, assisted by representatives of external universities.