Project offers plateform

This year, the Journée Phare Organizing Committee is seeking to foster new partnerships and to increase student-researcher communication within our conference, and we propose an internet platform where project offers can be continuously posted and made accessible to our many participants.

Therefore, if you are a researcher seeking students, be it for an undergraduate internship, a  Master’s or doctoral degree or a post-doctoral fellowship, we invite you to send us your project offers:

Submit a project!

If you are a student seeking a team with whom to continue your research, we invite you to visit our platform regularly:

Display offers

Get the word out to your co-workers and friends! For further details, please contact us at or at !

Journée Phare seeks to be a stimulating and relevant, an event where partnerships and collaborations, potentially leading to fascinating and innovative research, are being cultivated!

Journée Phare Organizing Committee