Pr Vincenzo Di Marzo will be a guest speaker at Journée Phare 2018!

The Journée Phare 2018 organizing committee is very pleased to announce that we will be welcoming Pr. Vincenzo Di Marzo at the 10th edition of the Journée Phare!


Pr. Vincenzo Di Marzo

Director of the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry of the National Research Council in Pozzuoli, Italy.

Chair in Research Excellence in Canada on the Microbiome-Endocannainoidome Axis in Metabolic Health, Université Laval.

Internationally renowned in the field of pharmacology of endocannabidoids, Pr. Di Marzo is co-author of more than 600 articles in scientific journals and has more than 50,000 citations. Prof. Di Marzo is listed in 2017 on the list of “Worlds Most Influential Scientific Minds” by the strategic information society Clarivate Analytics.

His research group is interested in the intestinal microbiome and its inflammatory role in the development of various diseases, such as obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. These health issues are ubiquitous in our societies, and the role of the microbiome in their development and deterioration is still unclear. Prof. Di Marzo’s work thus seeks to identify new targets and therapeutic approaches in the management of these complex disorders, with a marked interest for endocannabinoids, involved in many systems including the management of energy metabolism. Knowing that the microorganisms that inhabit the digestive tract vary according to the diet, they seek to know if it is possible to prevent or alter the development of different diseases by changing the diet.