Professor Yann Joly will be speaker at the Journée Phare 2019!

The organizing committee for the Phare Day is very happy to announce that Professor Yann Joly has agreed to be a speaker at the 2019 Phare Day!


Pr Yann Joly

Department of Human Genetics,

McGill University







Yann Joly is the research director at the Center for Genomics and Policy (CGP) and Associate Professor in the Department of Human Genetics at McGill University. In addition to having a Ph.D, Pr. Joly is also a lawyer and was awarded the Barreau du Québec’s Avocat émérite distinction in 2012. He is also president of the International Human Epigenome Consortium’s Bioethics Working Group ( IHEC) as well as the Ethics and Governance Committee of the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC). His research interests lie at the crossroads of health law (biotechnology and other emerging health technologies) and bioethics. He has published more than 120 scientifics articles in the fields of law, science and ethics. He also received the prestigious Barreau du Québec’s Merit Award (Innovations) in 2012 for his work in the right to privacy in the biomedical field.